Bird in Hand Pub
Main Street
NG21 0QH

01623 401221

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Mon to Sat
12.00 - 3.00
6.00 - 11.00
12.00 - 3.30
7.00 - 10.30

Is the Bird in Hand pub haunted?

The Bird in Hand pub does indeed have a few long standing
& none paying spirited ghostly residents!

Bird in Hand Pub

So is the Bird in Hand haunted?, it's a question we are regularly asked by many curious visitors. For most of us who live & work here, along with several of our regular customers, the answer is a definite and very spooky yes!

As is the case with a lot of older properties, especially places like pubs, it is almost obligatory to have an additional resident

In our case not only do we have one additional ghostly resident, we have several more!

Regulars can tell many spooky stories of being touched on their shoulders whilst sitting with their backs against the walls, enough to put the hairs up on the back of your neck & send shivers down your spine!

Visit us & read some of the stories displayed on our walls, or perhaps experience something spiritual for yourself - you have been warned...

For those non-believers, we always have a good selection of the other type of spirits!

Bird in Hand pub view from the lounge
Bird in Hand Pub Lounge
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